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what is pottyaudit?

Welcome to PottyAudit, where we dare to go where no other restaurant review website has gone before. Our mission is simple but transformative: to provide you with comprehensive restaurant reviews, menus, and, most notably, detailed assessments of their restroom facilities. In the ever-expanding landscape of dining options and review sites, we recognized a glaring gap that needed to be filled, and so, PottyAudit was born.

Our Story

PottyAudit emerged from a simple, yet illuminating, dining experience. Picture this: you're enjoying a fantastic meal at a restaurant, savoring the flavors, and basking in the ambiance. All seems perfect until nature calls. You enter the restroom, and suddenly, the entire dining experience takes a nosedive. Dirty, dimly lit, or poorly maintained restrooms can turn a delightful meal into an unpleasant memory. Yet, these essential aspects of the dining experience have often been overlooked in the world of restaurant reviews.

This frustrating experience was the catalyst for PottyAudit. We knew there had to be a better way for diners to make informed choices about where to eat, not just based on the food and service but also on the overall dining experience, including the often-neglected restroom quality.

Our Vision

At PottyAudit, we envision a world where every diner can confidently choose a restaurant, knowing they will not only enjoy a delectable meal but also have a pleasant restroom experience. Our vision is simple: to revolutionize the way you discover and explore restaurants, putting restroom quality on the map as an essential component of the dining experience.

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